Services delivered by Clivey and Twist

Clivey and Twist deliver a wide range of services and activities for children and young people. As we have moved to the John Moulton Hall we have excellent facilities that enable us to cater for ages from eight up to nineteen years old. The services we offer include:

  • play work activities for ages eight to twelve years old
  • youth work activities for ages thirteen to nineteen years old
  • advice and support on sexual health issues affecting young people
  • advice and support to young people who may be affected by issues such as bullying, domestic or sexual abuse
  • Internet access in a safe, controlled environment

If any of the services interest you then come along to the John Moulton Hall on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday between 05.30pm-08.00pm. We also have a one to one drop-in on Wednesday between 02.00pm-04.00pm